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10 Must-Have Cycling Gear & Accessories For Cold Weather

Cold weather is here! It is a great season to ride our bikes while enjoying the beauty of the nature. Some people don't enjoy this season because they are not prepared, but don't worry, it is easy to keep riding despite the cold weather.

You can continue with your cycling sessions or you can keep using your bike to move from one place to another with the appropriate Cycling gear and accessories.

That's why we have created this Top 10 of Must-Have Cycling Gear & Accessories to ride in cold weather.

1.- Windproof Cycling Gloves

During this season our hands get cold after some miles, the half finger gloves are great but not enough to keep riding, so we highly recommend to wear Windproof Gloves.

There are a lot of different variations, but the ones that are not bulky are the best in order to have more control.

2.- Waterproof Cycling Gloves

If the Windproof Gloves are not enough for you (it depends on your local weather), you can try some Waterproof Cycling Gloves.

These gloves will keep your hands dry specially when you ride long distances or you ride during rainy days. After you remove these gloves the warm sensation is awesome! :)

3.- Thermal Cycling Face Mask

This is a must have if you don't want to finish your ride with an extremely cold nose and ears. With these face masks you will keep your face warm during all the ride despite the cold wind.

4.- Polar Fleece Neck Warmer

This is an alternative to the face masks, some people don't like to ride with face masks but they want to keep themselves warm. For those the best solution is to wear a neck warmer.

The neck warmer provides great protection against the cold wind which helps a lot to avoid the cold sensation. Highly recommendable, I love mine!

5.- Bike Rear Light

This bike accessory is a must have for any cyclist, specially while riding at night. During winter it gets dark earlier than other seasons, so be prepared with a bike rear light.

There are many variations of rear lights, this is a good one we recommend based on feedback provided by many cyclists.

6.- Rechargeable Bike Rear Light (USB)

Most of the rear lights use batteries, we know how annoying it is to run out of batteries in the middle of a ride.

The best solution is to get a USB Rechargeable Rear Light, you can recharge your light in an easy way just by plug in it to any USB port. Also you can save as you don't have to buy batteries.

7.- Cycling Helmet (with goggles)

Safety is first, it is important to wear an appropriate bike helmet, there are many types of helmets but this is particular is great because it has removable goggles integrated.

If you don't like to wear cycling glasses, this helmet with goggles does a great job, also they allow to wear your prescription lenses.

8.- Polarized Cycling Glasses

I love cycling glasses they look great :) 

There are many types of cycling glasses, I love the ones that come with interchangeable lenses. Most of them come with myopia frames so you can use prescription lenses in case they are needed.

9.- Cycling Hand Covers

Sometimes just to wear gloves is not enough or you don´t feel comfortable riding while wearing gloves but you want to keep your hands warm. For those cases, you can use some hand covers, these are very easy to install and provides an additional cold wind protection.

10.- Thermal Cycling Socks

Not only your hands and face get cold while riding in cold weather, also your legs may end frozen. It is not enough just to wear some good cycling pants so for better results it is highly recommendable to wear the appropriate thermal cycling socks.

Your feet and legs will appreciate them!


As you can see, you can enjoy this season and you can keep riding with the appropriate gear and accessories.

WE LOVE CYCLING! Enjoy it...


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