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7 Tips to stay warm while riding during Winter

All of us love cycling and during winter, indoor training is common but it is not the same as Cycling.
To keep Cycling enjoyable during Winter, it is important to stay warm and make smart decisions when Cycling on the road.
Here are 7 Tips to stay warm and enjoy Cycling during Winter.

1. Eat and have hot drinks

Put hot drinks in your water bottle. These will stay warm for a little while in a normal bottle, or a longer while in an insulated bottle.

It’s always important to eat before a ride, but it’s especially important during the winter. Not only will you need the fuel for exercise, but the food you eat will also go a long way toward keeping you warm in the coldest temperatures.

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2. Protect eyes

Wear sunglasses, they are not only for sunny days, they will protect your eyes from the cold wind.
Also during winter a good option is to wear Cycling Goggles, they protect more area of your face than sunglasses and provide good visibility.

3. Protect your face

It's a good idea to wear a face mask while riding during winter, your cheeks will appreciate it :) Maybe for short distances it is enough to wear a good scarf or neck warmer but for long distances a face mask is recommended. Just make sure to wear one that fits you well.

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4. Take breaks

If you plan to ride long distances, it is a good idea to take a break in places like a coffee shop or restaurant to warm up. You can use the break to change some clothing and you can get a warm drink. Mmmm... I love coffee <3

5. Always wear windproof gloves

Your hands are exposed to the cold weather during all the ride, if you don't wear the appropriate gloves you will regret after your cycling session. Your legs are in constant movement so they can get warm because of the exercise but your hands need an additional help. The type of gloves depends on how cold it is, but make sure they are windproof. For additional protection you can wear waterproof gloves.

6. Layer your clothing

Wear multiple layers, each with a different purpose, to allow you to adjust your clothing as the ride warms up. On your torso, start with a wicking layer to wick the sweat away from your body so that you stay dry. Do not wear cotton, which will stay damp rather than wicking away the sweat.

Then wear one or more loose insulating layers. If you expect conditions to warm up significantly, stuff a few layers of newspaper under your jersey as an additional wicking layer, which you can then throw away (in the appropriate place, please). Cover your layers with a wind or rain proof outer layer.

7. Always ride with a bike light

During winter it gets dark earlier than other stations like spring or summer. Avoid to be in the middle of a ride during night without the appropriate cycling light accesories.

At least you should have a LED Light in the fron of your bike and a rear or tail light.

Make sure that the batteries work well before you start your cycling session. Also there are some lights that can be recharged through a USB cable, those are my favorites becasue I don't have to spend money on batteries.

USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail

Hope you have enjoyed these tips, please be prepared with the correct clothing and accessories.

Enjoy your ride this winter and keep cycling!


WE LOVE CYCLING! Enjoy it...

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