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How to Ride Safely (Tips)

We've all heard this before... "Better be safe than sorry"... And yet, we hear or see accidents happen everywhere. Some are caused by inevitable forces (like nature wreaking havoc on unanticipated days or motorists ignoring cyclists' lane rights, etc.) but most accidents happen due to complete ignorance of safety precautions.

Here are a few tips on how to ride safely:

FOLLOW THE TRAFFIC CODE - After all, it's created for a reason. What reason is it, you ask? The answer's simple. ROAD SAFETY.

MAKE SURE THAT YOUR BIKE IS IN GREAT SHAPE - Take it down to your local bike shop every now and then to be sure it's in good operating condition.

DON'T GET DISTRACTED - Listening to music while riding might be okay (just make sure that it's not too loud that it impairs your hearing), but using your mobile phone is NOT. We're sure you're all aware of what they say to motor vehicle drivers... Don't text and drive. Well for riders, we say, DON'T TEXT AND RIDE.

STAY ALERT - Keep an eye out for obstacles in your path. Need we say more?

WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR - Aside from wearing a helmet, using a reflective vest is as highly important, especially during those night rides. It's been proven that wearing one decreases the risk of collisions, so again, need we say more?

These tips are so simple, it's impossible not to follow all of them. Remember guys, safety should always be your priority!

Oh, we almost forgot! We mentioned the importance of wearing reflective vests... Keep in mind that it's important that they're made of lightweight materials, are highly visible for motorists, pedestrians and fellow cyclists, and is fully adjustable. Looking to get yourself a reflective vest that does all of those? We got exactly what you need and it's on SALE! Check this out >> Cycling Reflective Vest

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