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How to Lose Weight Cycling?

There are many ways and tricks to lose weight for those who have been trying hard enough through diet and exercise. One of the best ways of losing weight is through cycling. This is because all your major muscles are involved in pedaling and controlling the handle through your arms, your tummy stays put and in a particular position making it steady and stout.

There are various other benefits of cycling which we will discuss another time. Here, we will focus on losing weight through cycling.

1)    Set your eating pattern

Remember, the first and foremost step in losing weight is not eating less, but watching what your body intakes. The calorie-count and amount of food you eat has a significant impact on your weight loss. So, eat three meals a day, but keep a track of what you eat.

2)    Avoid bike fueling

This means to avoid eating unnecessarily. If your cycling takes around one hour only, remember not to eat during the time as it is the periods where your body will shed some fats and carbs off. Try not to take anything except water.

3)    Do not even think about carbonated drinks

If you think you’re doing great cycling, eating healthy, watching your caloric intake, but are still not losing weight, you should know the problem must be your routine of drinking sodas or other sweetened drinks. You should avoid carbonated drinks if you wish to lose weight. Switch them out with water and fresh juices to stay hydrated during and after cycling.

4)    Let your commute matter 

Whether you’re going home from work or going to visit your friend’s house, take the longer route, make your commute matter and count. It will not only freshen you up as you’ll be able to use every major muscle in your body (unlike a car where you’re confined to your seat with only one of your foot and hands’ movement), but it will also be a significant source of shedding off some extra pounds that you want to. Make the most of your road-time. A hillier path is a much better path to track your miles.

Cycling is the best mode of transportation in today’s world due to the various pollution hazards other vehicles are causing. This will encourage your coworkers and friends, too, when and if you make cycling your habit.

We Love Cycling!

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