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Most Common Cycling Injuries



Investing energy for quite a while without a break will sting any muscle. So set your back straight in the correct position for the particular case of your bike.

2. Foot Numbness

Foot numbness is a loss of feeling in the feet. It is common among cyclists and its not solely down to the cold weather. Ill-fitting cycling shoes squeezing the metatarsal heads, cleats being placed too far forward causing increased pressure around the ball of the foot or cycling technique including low cadence and excessive hill riding can all lead to numbness problems.


This is one of the most overuse injuries in the sport. Cycling fasten their feet to the pedals with cleats on the bottom of the shoes. However if they are not positioned the correct way, the result is sharp pain in the knees that won’t go away. There are plenty of guides online on how to properly position the cleats. Bonus: Pedal strokes will be more powerful.  Cyclist's knee and patella and quadriceps tendinitis are other common knee overuse injuries. Fixing the cleat positions help with them. Getting cycling insoles can also help.


Have you noticed the quats of pro cyclists? They are very impressive size-wise. That’s because they use these muscles to actually ride the bike. It’s no wonder then that the quats need a break from time to time to recover. If they get too tired as a result of long rides, lactic acid builds up in them and then they start to hurt. A massage will help.  You can also use a kinesiology tape, which you put on before the ride. Switch pedaling in an out from the saddle in order to let some muscles relax while you put pressure on others.

5. AC Joint Sprain

The Acromioclavicular (AC) joint is one part of the shoulder complex and consists of the collar bone joining to the front of the shoulder blade, which is held together by strong ligaments. An AC joint sprain refers to damage to these stabilising ligaments. It takes a large force to cause these sprains such as a fall or launching into a monster drop such as a pothole or off-road obstacle.

Your elbows and wrists are generally locked in position when holding handlebars on a bike. When a large force is applied, these forces are transferred up to the shoulder joint.


This is a skin disorder that develops over time after many hours in the saddle. The friction between your skin, clothes and the saddle can lead to horrid rashes. Don’t have the saddle too high and wear the right kind of cycling shorts.  Using a cream can help relieve the uneasiness of the skin fiction against the saddle.


Neck pain is caused by tightness in the muscle that starts at the base of the skull and runs along the sides of the neck all the way to the shoulders. They get too tired because they carry the entire weight of the head in extension for a long time in the same position time while riding. Make sure your bike fits well with your body. Shorten the stem so you are in a more upright position. Loosen your grip on the handlebars, too, because that will relax your shoulders. Fix your posture. Using a kinesiology tape on the lower back area may help as well. 

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