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Safety Tips while Cycling

As an avid cyclist might tell you, there’s a strange thrill that comes with the sport of cycling.

However, with that being said, cyclists need to put their safety, along with the safety of others as their topmost priority, before chasing after any thrill.

Some safety tips to keep in mind while cycling to protect yourself and other road users include:

#1- Do your prep beforehand:

The most natural step a cyclist can take to ensure safety is to do the proper preparation for their journey beforehand.

Make sure your tires are properly inflated, and that your brakes and chain are in working order. Other than that, adjust your seat height to minimize any back pain and take your bike out on a test run to prevent any unfortunate accidents.


#2- Use bike lights:

The next tip on our list is an essential stepping stone towards road safety, that is to use bike lights. When you’re on the road on a bike, chances are you’re not as visible as the other vehicles sharing the road with you- which is where bike lights come into the picture.

While on the road, use white lights on the front of your bike, and red on the rear end. Moreover, try to find a helmet with a light on it so that you can be seen on the road by every driver present. While cycling in low-light conditions, make sure that you’ve got your lights on, even in the day time.


#3- Follow and respect road rules:

This one is a no-brainer, but we still feel the need to mention it- Follow road rules. The safety signs at the corner of every street are there for a reason, and so are the traffic signals.

As a cyclist, make sure that you’re on the right side of the road and respect other drivers by following road signs, traffic signals and right-of-way rules.


#4- Get rid of any distractions while cycling:

Another simple yet often overlooked safety tip is to avoid distractions while biking. Instead of cycling in an unpredictable manner, try to bike in a straight line in an optimum position on the road that makes you seen by everyone.

Stay away from using any mobile devices while cycling, and if you must listen to music, use one earbud so that you can still listen to vocal cues on the road.


#5- Communicate with other drivers and cyclists:

The last tip on our list also happens to be the most important one. While cycling, remember that communication is critical.

Make sure that you’re using hand-signals, your voice or bell to communicate with those who share the road with you to alert them of your presence and movements.


Hope these tips will help you in order to enjoy our passion in a safety way.

Take care and enjoy this great Cycling Season!


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