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Some Means To Get Cyclists Get “There” Faster…

In this day and age, everything seems to be fast-paced. Everyone's in a hurry. Nobody seems to have time to "slow down"; and we understand... Time is gold!

We know it's a cliche, but it's true. Every minute of our lives count! And yes, everyone (especially us, bicycle-riding folks), has to keep up.

Now, before we get lost in track (HAHA), what we're really driving at is to give you, fellow cyclists, some tips on how to get to your destination faster.

If it’s safe, get off your bike and walk across the traffic light…

When stuck in traffic don’t wait – with a few moves, be at the front of the traffic jam

Anticipate the traffic, know when to speed up and when to slow down and see where there are potential spots to change lanes. Know which lane is moving faster or slower.

Keep your bike in good condition. A good bike with pumped up tires etc will ride more easily. Check brakes etc.

Find a faster route to your destination. There is always a quicker way, don’t just stick to the same old route you have always used. Investigate new routes and find ones with fewer traffic lights

Switch to a lower gear when you know you are coming to a stop, it will be easier to accelerate once that light turns green

Whilst in a city you are unlikely to reach your top speed to get you there faster. So hopefully, these tips would help!

Do you know any more good speedy cycling tips? Let us know! Also, don't forget to share this post. Help us spread the word!

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