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6 Tips For Your First Garden

Gardening is probably the easiest and the most convenient way to get close to nature. With all the hustle in our everyday lives, we all need to take a break, appreciate nature and just relax.

That said, we searched the web for the best tips on how to start your own garden. Here you go:

1. X Mark the Garden Spot                                             

Basically, prepare your garden bed in full sun because if a garden spot gets strong sun at noon, it might not get 6-hours-worth of sunlight.

2. All About the Soil

Good soil is the source of nutrients for your plants. Try a soil test, to see if you need to amend your soil with key ingredients.

The young roots of plants need loose soil so they can spread out fast. Break up the soil in your new garden area with a broad fork or a tiller.

Soil is not just dirt, it’s an active ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, and macroorganisms that encourage and interact with the roots of your Plants. To boost your garden soil, add compost, which is full of living things. You can make your own compost too. 

3. Animal Proof Your Garden

Make sure to fence your garden for animals not to devour your plants. We also suggest some pesticides to prevent insects and other pests.

4. Raised Beds and Containers

You can plant on top of hard soil, or even concrete, with raised beds or containers. When you plant with these you don’t need to do soil testing, just fill with good, fast draining, potting soil from the get go.

You can also use bigger beds which is 50” in diameter. It is ideal for hobbyists who want to take their plants with them.

If you prefer smaller containers to set on the ground, deck, or patio we suggest our smaller pots.

5. Seeds for Your First Garden

Securing seeds and seedlings is essential in starting a garden. You can have a variety of choices from your nearest gardening store or online store.

6. Tool List for Your First Garden:

  • Shovel

  • Rake

  • Irrigation (hose, sprinkler or drip system)

  • Hoe or hand weeding tool

  • Sunlight calculator

  • Broadfork or tiller

  • Deer fencing

  • Sprayer

There you are, guys! We also suggest that you watch videos and read blog articles for further gardening information. Learn and learn more!

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