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Top 10 Cycling Safety Tips that Every Cyclist Must Follow

Cycling is a great way which gets us out of the gym and helps us stay in shape. But for optimal enjoyment and comfort, it is a wise idea to wear the right equipment, clothing and most importantly to follow the safety tips because if safety precautions are not heeded, a cyclist can probably find himself at risk.

It is no denying fact that accidents and injuries can happen to anyone and cyclists are no exception to it. However, just a few simple precautions can dramatically reduce your chances of being in danger.

So if you want to feel confident that you are safe while cycling, scroll down and have a look at the top 10 safety tips for cyclists.

  • Prepare your ride: Well,  it is the first and foremost thing that you should do before getting on your bicycle. Make sure that your cycle is in good working condition, adjust your seat height accordingly so that you enjoy an efficient and pain-free ride.
  • Make sure your cycle has lights and bell: For your own safety, it is vital that you make yourself easy to spot and lights are, no doubt, the best way to make sure of this especially when you are riding in the dark whereas bell is an ideal way to communicate with other road users.
  • Wear appropriate clothing: No matter, whether you are riding the cycle to work or just moving around the city, always wear correct protective clothing and helmet for sure.
  • Always ride with care: It is advisable to say that always ride in a straight line, try to be predictable in your movements and always avoid using mobile devices or headphones while cycling.
  • Follow the road rules: Just like other vehicles, cycles have similar road rights and hence, you must also obey traffic signals, signs and right-of-way rules.
  • Plan your route: In many cities, there is specifically designated cycle path so you would not have any trouble knowing where to go. However, if it is shared, you must take care to avoid collisions, while if it is segregated make sure you are riding on the correct side of the path.
  • Maintain your bike: A well-maintained cycle is definitely crucial to ensure your safety and well being. For this, the main components of your vehicle like tires, gears, chain, and brakes should be serviced regularly and kept in good working condition.
  • Take care of passing: If you are not in a separated or painted bike lane, always remember that you may only pass another road vehicle on the left.
  • Make eye contact with other road users: This will help you work out if the driver has seen you or not at junctions, side roads and on roundabouts.
  • Ride a door’s width from parked cars: Always give parked cars a wide berth so that you won’t be hit by a negligently opened car door.

Now that you have read the safety tips and you are ready to get set go!

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