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Anti-theft Bike Cable




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  • UT-RESISTANT STEEL CORE: The wire rope consists of 64 strands of high quality steel wire rope,flexible steel cables for strong cut resistance. The cable’s braided steel construction with water-resistant vinyl coating is ruggedly built to resist cutting and scratching. The lock chain won't crack or distort under low or high temperature.
  • ANTI-THEFT COMBINATION LOCK: Smart 5-digit resettable combination chain lock,10,000 possible resettable word and letter combinations,High Quality ABS Engineering Materials. Fine workmanship of the Keyhole, high strength and durable lock frame, strong pressure without being distorted.
  • FREE LOCK HOLDER: a plastic lock holder allows to be mounted on the seatpost of any bike, making this lock easy to transport; the self-coiling cable is convenient for easy storage.


    • Material:  Metal
    • Colors:  Blue, Green, Black
    • Size: 1.2/1.8m

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