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Professional Camera Belt Holster


Professional Camera Belt Holster

A MUST HAVE for any Photography Enthusiast and Professional!

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100% Brand NEW! High Quality! 
A solution for quick shoot. 
Quick mount and quick take off your camera. Make carrying camera easy and convenient 
No more dangling cameras from your neck and shoulders. 
Designed for DSLRs,video cameras and compact digital cameras. 

How to use: 
Mount the camera belt button to your belt. 
Install the pin to the camera with the Allen wrench. 
Place the camera. 

Make sure your belt is strong enough to safely carry your camera. 
Ensure the camera belt button is securely attached to your belt. 
The camera belt button lock should be engaged each time you insert your camera. 
Remove camera before detaching or unbuckling your belt. 
Before use, make sure the pin is tightened and that all screw threads are properly aligned. 

Material:PE + ABS + Metal 
Load capacity: 16 lbs.
Compatibility: All DSLRs,cameras 
Item size: Approx. 3.3 * 2.8 * 1.4 in. (8.5 * 7 * 3.5 cm.)

These are selling so fast, we may run out of stock at any moment!

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