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Carbon fiber Seat post

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Carbon fiber Seat post


  • Section carbon fiber broken wind bicycle seat tube, 3K carbon fiber oil painting high-end atmospheric light;
  • Straight tube 100% carbon fiber production to ensure effective tube strength, high-strength aluminum alloy chuck to make a firmer ride to make your ride more secure.
  • First-class painting process and breaking the wind shape is still tall, whether it is carbon fiber frame or metal frame can be used with a unique visual effects!


Material: All imported t-800 high-strength carbon fiber 
Appearance: 3K carbon fiber pattern
Weight: 190-230G
Application: mountain bike road vehicles BMX
Diameter: 27.2-350mm / 30.8-350mm / 31.6-350mm
27.2-400 mm / 30.8-400 mm / 31.6-400 mm
Angle: This product is part of the two screws, you can adjust the seat angle, so you ride more comfortable, Cushion 6X6 (round bow) 7X9 (oval) can be used

Note: Seat has three direct dimensions 27.2 / 30.8 / 31.6, please confirm your purchase when the size of your car needs to avoid the size of unworthy, can not be used

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