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Faucet Hose Connector Accessories


Faucet Hose Connector Accessories

Product Description:

  • Pipe joints in warm water and electricity installations are often used to, 
  • because it is very easy to use. Since the water pipe 
  • quick connector called "fast" can be easy to install, 
  • as well as those water pipes and faucets car wash quick connect spray gun shop. 
  • It is also easier to use, fast, effortless.

1. first of all we need to do is to install the fittings at both ends of pipes to be connected, then gently hold 
the rotating until the nut tightened. 
2. the main water pipe quick connector has a faucet and hose connector 
fitting two series, when we are connected to 
water valve or faucet faucet fittings, water gun connector, 
when they heard the iconic "click rub," said the voice sounded completely install match,
 no problem, you can normally use.
3. connect faucet fitting (or intake valves) and the spray gun connector hear a "click" a sound that means is inserted properly.
Water pipe quick connector core standards 
Since the water quick connector called "fast", certainly it has a relationship with can be easy to install, and quick connect water pipes and faucets as well as those car wash spray gun shop. It is also easier to use, fast, effortless

Packaging; a detachable quick connector
Specifications; 1/2 "and 3/4" two interfaces

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