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Professional Swimming Goggles

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Professional Swimming Goggles

A good pair of goggles can make all the difference to your swimming and there's no better option that the Professional Swimming Goggles!





These goggles are coated with the latest anti-fog protection with specially designed, anti-shatter lenses that will let you see clearly underwater at all times.

The gaskets have a unique, cushioned design that creates a perfect seal around your eyes, ensuring no water will trickle in. They also gently cushion your eyes, leaving no red marks or discomfort. The nose piece flexes to fit your face perfectly and the quick release clasp at the back means wet hair will never get tangled again.

2018 #1 Desing Award 🏆


  • Mirror Coated Lenses
  • Anti-Fog
  • UV Protection
  • Weight:  0.2 lbs. (0.09 kg)

    Different colors available: Black, Blue, Lake Blue, Plum Red

    Package Includes:

    1. Coating Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles
    2. Plastic Hard Box
    3. Waterproof Earplugs
    4. Nose Clip

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