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Mini Hand Pressure Pump


Mini Hand Pressure Pump

1.Light weight and Portable Floor Pump can be easily attached to bicycle
2.It is appropriate for road bicycles, mountain bicycles, normal bicycles and so on
3.The fold-down foot rest provides Portable Floor Pump leverage and the hose means you lower the risk of ripping
the valve stem as you pump
4.This Portable Bike Pump easy to inflates bicycle,vehicle, and motorcycle tires,balls.
5.You can finish aerating in a short time.
6.It supports schrader valve and presta valve.

High-Strength Plastic,Aluminum
Skin tube length:
280mm/11.0in x 29mm/1.14in
Color: Silver body

How to use:
1.Hold the handle slowly insert the valve
2.Make sure really,put up the handle,you can pump up your bike.

Package included :
1x High-Pressure Bicycle Pump with Pressure Gauge


***Light weight and Easy to use***

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