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NEW Windproof Gloves (Colors)

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NEW Windproof Gloves (Colors)

Keep your hands warm with these Windproof Gloves. Don't miss out and get yours during the Lowest Price Special Sale. Don't pay full price later.

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No bulky gloves that allows more movement and precision.


Feature: Washable
Material: Polyester, Microfiber, Spandex
Colors: Dark Blue, Black, Purple, Orange, Pink, Blue
Size: S, M, L, XL

S = middle finger: 2.95" (7.5cm); width of palm: 3.54" (9 cm); total length: 8.86" (22.5)

M = middle finger: 3.15" (8 cm); width of palm: 3.74" (9.5 cm); total length: 9.06" (23 cm)

L = middle finger: 3.35" (8.5 cm); width of palm: 3.94" (10 cm); total length: 9.45" (24 cm)

XL = middle finger: 3.54" (9 cm); width of palm: 4.13" (10.5 cm); total length: 9.84" (25 cm)

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