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Universal Hose Pipe Connector


Universal Hose Pipe Connector


  • Brand new and high quality
  • Water flashes in Red to alert when temperature is above 51℃
  • No batteries, lighting is active by water pressure and turns off automatically when water stops.
  • Color:Silver
  • Material:ABS
  • Size: About 63x23mm(LengthxDiameter)
  • LED Lighting color: Green/Blue/Red
  • Green: Water temperature below 31℃
  • Blue: Water temperature between 32℃-43℃
  • Red: Water temperature between 44℃-50℃

1、Unscrew original aerator off the faucet by turning it counter-clockwise.
2、Check to see if you require an adapter if Water Glow does not fit the faucet.
3、Before setting adapter please put the water screen into the hole of body.
4、Screw the Water Glow on the faucet clockwise and turn on the water.

Product Included:
1x LED Faucet light with Temperature Sensor

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