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Waterproof Wireless Bike Computer


 Waterproof Wireless Bike Computer


1,About backlight: During 17:00-7:00,screen will be lighted up for 4 seconds when you press any key , But if you want the screen always lighted , press both middle and right key  for 1 seconds to keep the screen always lighted up.Press middle and right key for 1 seconds again to cancel it .

2,About clean the value:  Press the right key to enter into the DST PAT TM mode.under this mode , press the middle key to check the fat and calories value.Press left key for 3 seconds,DST TM MXS AVS FAT and calories comes to '0'.
3,The distance between the bicycle computer and the magnetic head should be within 60cm.The distance between the wireless launcher and the magnetic head is around 1.5mm(The more closer the more sensitive)

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